10 panda cubs have the most adorable photoshoot in the Chinese Giant Panda Breeding Center

Pandas are one of the most adorable animals in the world. It’s hard to find someone that dislikes these wonderful creatures. Not only their cute appearance but also clumsy and playful attitude give an additional sweetness to these cubs.

It’s funny to see how tiny cubs tuble around and continuously roll in the mountainous preserves. They make us fall in love with their fluffy and soft fur. Agree, that they look like a toy.

In this photos you can see 10 adorable pandas in a Chinese province. They were on display by the time these photos were taken.

Millions of people were touched by these photos. Although the pictures were shot several years ago, they still win the hearts of animal lovers.

All of the cubs in the pictures are from 1 week to 2 months old. Thankfully, all of them survived and now they are adults.

Giant pandas generally live in mountainous forests in southwest of China. They mainly eat bamboo – 20-80 pound a day. Males weight up to 300 pounds and females 200.

Currently there are 1500 pandas living in the wild.

These animals live in their original territory – China. They give birth once in two years.

That’s why it’s important supporting their population.

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