2-year-old boy loves his husky puppy so much that he decided to learn dog language

2 years ago, a child appeared in an English family, who was named Braxton. At that time, a husky dog ​​already lived with them, which met the baby very friendly.

Immediately after birth, the dog spent a lot of time with him, all the time trying to climb into his bed to warm him and so on. When Braxton began to crawl on the floor, the tailed friend was beside him with happiness, because now he could play with the child.

The boy’s mother said that the dog began to behave strangely long before she knew she was pregnant. The dog constantly followed her, laid his head on her stomach and made strange sounds.

A little later, she realized that the dog had somehow smelled the baby in the womb.

Now Braxton and Boston (the dog’s nickname) spend almost all their free time together. No wonder they learn a lot from each other. For example, the boy began to imitate the barking of the animal.

Sometimes the baby begins to howl exactly like his faithful dog. Apparently, he decided that Boston was talking to him like that and decided to answer in his own language.

Parents from an early age teach the child Spanish and sign language, but he decided to learn dog language on his own. Braxton’s mom claims that an amazing bond has formed between her son and the dog, which cannot be explained in words.

Despite the language barrier, this couple has fun and does not feel any discomfort, because there are no barriers to true friendship.

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