6-month-old koala was worried and did not leave mom during the operation

The whole world was following the Australian alarming news these days, and now, finally, good news from the distant mainland is being discussed on the social network.

Representatives of unique Australian animals, koala Lizzie and her 6-month-old baby were hit by a car. Mom seriously injured her face and one lung.

The baby, fortunately, had no serious injuries. 6-month-old koala did not leave mom even during surgery

The animals were immediately taken to the Australian Zoo Hospital, which was founded by spouses Steve and Terry Irwin.

Lizzie needed an operation, and her tiny baby, that was more fortunate and received minor injuries, did not let his mother go during the entire surgical procedure. The tiny cub refused to get separated from his mum.

He was hugging her almost the whole time of the operation.

The veterinarians were very touched by such a deep connection between animals, the cub seemed to support the motionless mother and shared his strength with her. It sounds so touching and heartwarming.

After a while, the koala mother regained consciousness, nothing threatens her anymore, and soon the friendly family will leave the walls of the clinic and return to their native spaces.

Thank you for your attention. We hope this beautiful story filled your day with positive emotions.

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