7 tiny puppies were rescued from the street.Everyone was sheltered,but one baby was returned to the guardians three times.

This cute dog with a mischievous face is called Gerda.The mistress,Anna Nikolaeva,calls her Gerdochka,Gerdus,Dusya and Dusinda.The girl says she loves the pet endlessly.But once everything in the life of an animal was not so rosy.

The dog,along with six brothers ad sisters,was found on the street when they were tiny puppies.They couldn’t even eat on their own.Anya’s family decided to save the kids.People took the baby home and began to feed them from a syringe,and then taught them to eat on their own.
When the pets grew up,Anya started looking for a house for them.The girl thought that the process would take a very long time,because her wards were the most ordinary mongrels.Nevertheless,good owners for six kids were found very quickly!And Anna is still sent photos of pets by satisfied owners!

But Gerda was unlucky for some reason.It was taken from Anna three times.The main thing is that they did’t throw it outside!When the puppy was returned to the girl for the third time,she looked at her husband and silently deleted all ads about dog’s extension.After that,the couple went to the store and brought her some bowls,a leash and toys.»Let’s leave Gerda with us and love her!» Anya decided.

Six years have passed since then!Never did the girl regret that she one decided to to keep the dog.Sometimes it seems to her and her husband that it is not for nothing that people returned Gerda to them three times.It must be fate.
The dog has become a favorite of the whole family,and the owners don’t get tired of repeating how lucky they are with it!

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