A 9-year-old bear saw water for the first time and could not hide joy from the feeling of freedom.

The Asian black bear was delighted like a little child when he first saw water.

The unfortunate bear spent his life in captivity and now,having tasted freedom,he was so happy and excited that he began to jump with joy.
The huge black bear named Taffy had a difficult fate.He was imprisoned in a tight cage for nine years.But,fortunately,caring people have made this nightmare over.

When employees of the charitable organization Animal Asia heard about this heartbreaking story,they quickly did everything to let it go free.
As soon as the rescue team rescued Taffy,they moved him to a shelter built in Vietnam.Taffy had a new comfortable house,which was specifically for him.

The volunteers built a pool for the bear.It was a touching moment when a free bear first entered the water.

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