A beautiful but abandoned dog was hiding on the streets of Obninsk.Until the prince met her…

A small dog appeared on the streets of Obninsk more than a year ago.The little chihuahua was noticed by many people ,but when they tried to make friends with her,she always ran away.Until she met a beautiful prince named Richie!

It was a German Spitz with a beautiful fur coat and very affectionate eyes.At night,she came to the house where Richie lived and sang songs to him.Most of all Richie liked these songs.He immediately began to sing along.
And one day Richie’s mistress invited the girl to go with them.She agreed.She was washed,shown to doctors,sterilized and began to look for good hands for her.

There were plenty of people who wanted the dog.And Richie’s mother selected the applicants very carefully.No one was found worthy of such beauty,because they decided to keep it for a long time and secretly!

And now her name is Yoka,and she’s Richie’s happy sister.When she walks,barks away all people and dogs from his brother and mother.She is the most beautiful and beloved pet!
That’s such a wonderful story!

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