A blind puppy chained for eight years can’t believe he’ll have his own bed.

Stevie was rescued from the backyard in South Carolina where he was chained,probably all eight years of his life.The dog was taken care of by the district’s animal protection organization,which works closely with other volunteers.

Therefore,when the zoo protection organization of the city of New York found out about it,it immediately realized that it would take care of the dog.
When Stevie first came to their care,it was clear that his health should be worked hard.In addition to blindness,Stevie was inflated with fleas,was in worms and the fair peeled off.In the end,they also realized that an old corn cob was stuck in his intestines,and he had to undergo surgery to remove it.

Therefore,his foster family had to how patience and understanding until he was found a permanent home,while his condition stabilized.
As Stevie began to be healed both physically and emotionally,he began to get out of his shell,and soon he became affectionate and sociable.His foster family liked watching him experience so much for the first time,including getting his own bed for the first time.

Stevie’s foster family knew that he probably never had a soft dog bed before,so they definitely gave him one.As soon as he left how soft,he was so happy and immediately began to jump with joy.

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