A blind,stray cat was taken out by a caring dog.

This story happened in the United States.The woman helped her relative repair the house and suddenly heard a very quiet squeak coming from the garden.Going out there,she found a very tiny kitten that had ot yet opened its eyes.

She didn’t touch him at first,because she thought that the cat mother was probably nearby and had temporarily left,and would soon return.However,the squeak continued and his mother never retuned,and the baby cried with hunger.
Then the woman had already taken him home.In the house they also had a dog named Rocky and she recently became a puppy mom.The woman even at first was somewhat afraid of how Rocky would react to the cat,but she recived him quite friendly.

She fed her babies and kept her eyes on the cat.
The woman published very cute photos of the meeting of a dog with a kitten,to which she became,in fact,a foster mother.You can see that the role of motherhood is her real calling and she copes with it perfectly.

And a few weeks later,both the puppies and the foundling grew up and became stronger and began to live as a friendly family,chasing each other and playing,but since the cat was still smaller than puppies,caring Rocky paid him increased attention.

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