A box with sick puppies and their mother stood in the road,but they were able to help.

There was a box in the road.At first,no one paid attention to her,but still a kind person was found.

It was painful to look at the mother,who was called Sandy.Thin,frightened,she looked at people with a look full of fear.
The whole four-legged family was put in a car and taken to Steri Drive 8 for treatment.Soon Sandy and his puppies fell into the good hands of volunteers and a veterinarian.

When they saw the dog in the shelter,it trembled.Only a few days later Sandy began to be careful about people and look at them with sad eyes.
Some time passed,the volunteers noticed that Sandy began to wag her tail!This meant that she expresses the joy of meeting people and is learning to trust them.

As for the puppies named Iriska,Pyatnyoshko and Arakhis,they were cured and fattened in a short time!
Now the puppies need owners who will love them with all their heart!They are quite ready to become part of someone’s family.

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