A boy named Petya saved the dog from hungry and hard street life.

Petya was an ordinary seven-year-old boy.He grew up well-mannered and kind,his parent was put all his love in his son.Also,Petya was very much loved by his comrades in the yard,teachers at school and all the people with whom he interacted.

That day Petya went for a walk in the yard.For a long time he tried to build a house from branches,but nothing worked out.Suddenly,the boy heard strange sounds behind.

A dog followed him.From its appearance,it was immediately clear that the poor thing was homeless.Petya has seen this animal before,but until that time he thought the dog had an owner.

The boy was not afraid of dogs,he was not afraid even of stray animals.The boy felt very sorry for the dog.He came up to him and spoke.
«So,my friend?How are you doing?Why alone?You want to eat.»

The dog didn’t react to the boy’s words,but only stood silently,sadly lowering his head down.
Suddenly he made a decision.The boy rushed home and told his parents about the dog and began to persuade them to take it to their house.

Mom didn’t mind having a pet.Together with Petya,she went to the yard and they brought the dog to their house.

It’s so good that there are people like Petya and his parents.Now a lonely street dog has a loving family.

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