A cat named Martha was in a church shop!Now the mommy had 2 babies — native and adopted…

A pretty kitten came to one of the temples,the women regretted it and began to feed it.And on March 8,a cat in the same church shop climbed into a box and got stuck!))

Women took care of a cat and a kitten for more than a week,but still the administration asked to find another shelter for this sunny family in 24 hours.
The cat is domestic,very manual and affectionate,knows the tray perfectly!

So they turned to the volunteers,so kitty Martha ended up with us.We were lent a cage for them for a few days,we really need help buying a cage for Martha and the kids(today our cat was planted with the same blind kitten,which lacks milk!

Now the whole family is insanely happy,warm and safe.

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