A deaf dog who lived on the street for 11 years accidentally fell asleep on the porch and it changed her life!

For many years,the wonderful dog Solo wandered along the roads of Los Angeles.He quickly grew old and got sick and could no longer run and frolic,as dogs do.And so,one day Solo wandered to the porch of a beautiful house and,exhausted,fell asleep right there.

It was then that the mistress of the house noticed him,who gave him the nickname Solovino.And so the dog lived on this porch for several days and didn’t go anywhere.The woman called the shelter of the area and asked to pick up the dog.The volunteers soon arrived at the address.
And one day a picture of a dog on the Internet came across a woman named Kerol Massina.And then she,who became Solo’s mistress,shared that she fell in love with him at first sight.

When the animal was just delivered to a new house,it was horrified.Solo was very scared of people and didn’t want to make contact.The hostess says that for three months e held his tail between his paws and began to shudder as soon as they wanted to stroke it.She also realized only then that the dog had hearing problems.

It was because he did not hear the approaching steps that he began to shudder when people approached him.He was also very hurt because of his damaged teeth and the hostess spent her savings to cure her pet’s teeth and Solovino could not be recognized.

Now the dog is very active and mobile,plays a lot and even communicates with family friends.

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