A dirty,tired kitty was sitting on board.He was small,but life battered him….

The baby lost his mother in infancy.He was able to survive thanks to the dog.A sensitive animal with a maternal instinct cares for the kitten with its puppies.
However,soon the dog and puppies were taken away,and the cat stayed.The baby was starving all the time.Sometimes he was lucky an kind people were fed.For example,a seller from a nearby store.The woman always treated the baby with kindness and brought him food.

Sometimes the cat wondered why this woman wouldn’t take him to her place.Then he quickly drove away this thought and convinced himself that no one needed it.Life has repeatedly proved this to the baby.
One day,a fluffy lamp ran into the entrance to warm up,but evil people threw him away.The cat went out and sat down on cold logs.He sat,looked into the distance with a devastated look and wanted his life to come to an end faster,because he saw no point in it.

He even stopped paying attention to people because he realized a long time ago that they would not help him.Soon the kitten disappeared,it was never seen again.Maybe someone took the baby to their house.

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