As they say «Every cloud has a silver lining».After difficult times,the dog is now carefree and happy!

Unfortunately,there are more and more homeless animals from year to year.But this problem is often solved by shelters and animal protection organizations.

Thus,one of the organizations in the Serbian city of Mladenovac is the larget shelter in the country and saved hundreds of stray dogs’ lifes.
And one day the owner of the shelter came across a dog thron on the side of the road.

It was a dangerous place,as the cars were driving in large numbers.As soon as the dog noticed the man,she immediately felt that her rescue had come.

Soon the man noticed the puppy’s brothers and sisters,whom the owner abandoned them all together.

Unfortunately,they could not be saved,but the first onw’s eyes lured with food and it was clear how long the puppy had not eaten.

She was nicknamed Nina and she is a healthy dog now who will very soon find a permanent home.

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