A dog floundered in the concrete canal.He spent all his energy to stay afloat,and there was no one to help…

A man named Zarate works as a garbage collector in Mexico.And,of course,his activities can be called ungrateful work.At least Zarate himself thinks so.But recently the work finally brought him well-deserved gratitude!

Earlier this month,a man and a colleague were driving a truck past an agricultural area.There was a small life in the concrete canal that needed salvation!
Zarate saw an animal floundering in the water.He immediately told his partner to stop the truck,jumped out o the car and headed to the canal in which the unfortunate dog kept afloat with all his strength…

The man rushed to the aid of the dying animal.He returned to the car,grabbed the first bag at hand so that the pet could grab it,and then ran back.The dog was so exhausted because of trying to stay afloat that he couldn’t even catch on to the bag stretched out to him.But Zarate still managed to lure the poor man close to the steep edge of the canal,and then pull him to land.

Dog’s life was saved!A delighted little dog rushed into the man’s arms,showing how grateful he is to him with all his appearance.
The baby spent some time next to his savior,and then confidently went home.Zarate continued his journey,rejoicing that he managed to save a small life.And hugs as a sign of gratitude will be remembered by him for a very long time!

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