A dog forgotten in a Moscow shelter for 6 years now learns to love and be loved once again

A dog named Tarasik got into a Moscow animal shelter six years ago. He, a young puppy, was immediately placed in a separate winter enclosure, in which there are no windows.

In this confinement, Tarasik spent almost the entire period of his stay in the shelter, but in 2020 he was found in a quarantine enclosure.

From that moment on, the fate of the dog began to change.

Tarasik was wild and uncommunicative: he did not allow people to approach him, he strove to bite his hand when trying to stroke. He took food and did not leave his pen.

During the entire period of the dog’s life in the shelter, they paid attention to him a couple of times, but no one dared to take such a feral pet.

In total, the Kozhukhov shelter contains about 2,700 dogs and almost three hundred cats. Until recently, the dog refused to go out for walks.

Gradually Tarasik began to get used to people. He let the photographer Tatyana and her daughter into his mini-house. Tarasik received money from caring people, and there were enough funds not only for his maintenance, but also for other dogs.

In October 2020, Tarasik was transferred from his solitary enclosure to a cage along with two other dogs – Milka and Dymka. With more contact Haze, the dog learned to leave the enclosure.

And Milka protected her neighbor: she warmed him up in the cold and covered him with herself at the slightest danger.

In November, Tarasik, together with his two neighbors, went for the first time for a walk in a large common area. At first he was afraid, moved carefully, constantly tucking his tail and ears out of fear.

But then Tarasik began to frolic and rejoice at the long-awaited and long-forgotten freedom.

And the dog, which used to be downtrodden and quiet, learned to bark together with other residents of the shelter.

At the moment, they are looking for a friend for Tarasik – a person who is ready to take part in the fate of the dog, walk with him and allocate funds for maintenance. Perhaps Tarasik can be taken from the shelter and taught to live at home.

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