A dog from a shelter meets its new owners for the first time and can’t stop hugging them.

Maggie’s life was full of mental pain until the day she met her permanent family.Now she can’t stop hugging her owners.

Mary McCrow and her husband Mark have just lost their rescued dog Misha due to cancer a few months earlier.They weren’t sure they wanted to fill this void yet,but then they met Maggie.
«She melted my heart,»said McCrow.»We lost our other dog a few month before meeting Maggie,and it was just a meeting in my head.I didn’t think I was ready for a new dog at that time.»

The rescue service planned a meeting and a greeting,and Maggie’s charm was too strong for the couple to resist him.»Her story broke our hearts.Meeting her was love at first sight,it was an instant connection.We felt that she should have been with us,» says Mark.

Until this happy moment,Maggie did not pay any attention and its former owners used the dog only for breeding.Salvation connected Maggie with a loving foster family,where she was able to regain her strength.After months of healing,she was finally ready for adoption.

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