A dog from Argentina and a cat from Thailand show how a person should really treat pets

This week, our collection of funny stories and videos about animals has been replenished with two new materials. The first one is dedicated to Mumaru, a cat from Thailand who struggles with his owner’s addiction to computer games as best he can.

And the second is about an unusual dog named Lazy, who more than justifies his nickname!

Mumaru is a soft but unyielding cat!

Jumbo Adisak, the owner of Mumaru, lay down to play on his smartphone when suddenly a cat appeared and demanded a hand. Not affection and love, but the man’s hand, which he successfully won back and never gave back.

What does he need more! Jumbo complains that he couldn’t play that morning, and all because of the cat!

With the dog Lazy, it is a different story. He perfectly learned to manipulate the owners and not to fuss unnecessarily.

Lucho Bugallo, the owner of Lazy, says that it always happens. The dog inexplicably senses where the cleaning will soon begin, and goes there to take a nap.

Apparently, he really likes it when the owner fusses around, instead of giving a kick and driving him away. But yes, Lucho would not even think of such a thing, yet Lazy is not harmful, but simply lazy.

This is how they should be treated with respect and attention.

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