A dog of amazing beauty came to the shelter to ask for a family and love

In the shelter “Pole of Hope” was an ordinary day, full of excitement, but suddenly the co-workers heard loud barking. A gigantic dog came to the gate which was trying to break through to the people.

When the volunteers went to see who was the unnamed guest, they were surprised. On the threshold stood a beautiful dog, stately and tall.

The boy turned out to be Metis of Haski – he was named Tarhun. He came to the shelter himself, and the volunteers did not understand how such a handsome dog could be abandoned.

They started looking for the owners, thinking that the dog had run away and wasted.

But no one was looking for him: the days went by, and Tarhun sat in the orphanage, perfectly calmly perceiving what was happening. He turned out to be a well-bred and balanced dog, very active, like all his kindred.

It was evident that Tarhun was used to living on the street, where he had a lot of space and freedom, but in time he became good at carrying himself and at home.

It was decided to look for new owners for Tarhun. Of course, many dreamed of acquiring such a beautiful dog, but the husky breed has many features that not everyone can cope with.

The staff of the shelter was very careful in finding a family for this independent and strong-willed boy.

Soon such people were found: Tarhun went to live in a house with a large and friendly family. There he has his own large territory and not a cramped city apartment!

Just look how handsome and joyful this dog is!

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