A dog was taken away from a homeless woman.The lawyer decided to deal with such an injustice.

Loreal Moore is a homeless woman who is 28 years old.Fate did not spoil her,but there is a great joy in the life of the heroine of the story — a dog named Oreo.They were inseparable until the dog was suddenly taken away by the police…

A man began to pester a homeless woman and Oreo rushed at the man and bit him.Literally immediately the police rushed,who took the devoted dog with them,leaving Miss Moore alone.
Oreo was sent to the Animal Care Center to check for rabies.

The deal was taken up by a lawyer named Alex Urbelis,who lived next door and knew Miss Moore.He decided to speed up the process and help Loreal reunite with his dog.
Fortunately,Oreo had no rabies,so there was no reason to keep the dog in the veterinarian clinic.Alex personally came and took the pet with him.

According to the hostesss,she just has no words to express her great gratitude for the help that the lawyer gave her.
«He’s just wonderful!Awesome!He did more for me than anyone in my life! — the woman admits with tears in her eyes.

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