A dog weighing 1 kg was kept on a chain «to bark».The poor thing was fed with leftovers…

A terrible situation occurred in the Kursk region.The volunteer,whose name was Alexei,lived in the village.One day he went to plow the field.On the way,Alexei met with a woman who asked for help.The man couldn’t refuse an acquaintance and went with her.

As soon as the man was outside the gate,he became numb and immediately forgot why he came to this house.In the middle of the yard there was a dirty and half-dained booth.A piece of thick chain could be seen from it.A little further away there was a dirty dog bowl with some clouded liquid.
Suddenly a small creature came out of the booth.The weight of the baby did not exceed a kilogram,he was small and thin.Dog couldn’t even stand on his feet,he didn’t have the strength.The dog looked at Alexei with a sad look full of pain and despair.

Alexei has been a volunteer for a long time.Over the years of his activity,he has faced different situations.However,he never had to see a kilogram dog held on a chain.
The baby looked painful and exhausted.Its paws were trembling,and teeth were knocking with fear.Alexei immediately concluded that the baby will not live n such conditions here for a long time.
The man said he was taking the dog away.At first,she didn’t want to give the baby away,because she is left without a guard.However,Alexei was determined and the woman had to give the dog.

When Manyunya(that’s how the dog was called) was warm,among other animals,it could not get used to a new life for a long time.The baby didn’t know that it was possible to get care from a person.Manyunya was always sincerely surprised when she received delicious food in a clean bowl.
This dog turned out to be extremely smart and capable.

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