A dog who had been abandoned resided in a shoebox. The kind couple couldn’t abandon the puppy on the street.

A small puppy began to live in a shoebox after being abandoned on a street. The box was near one house, and, apparently, the puppy felt safe there. The owners of the house noticed him after some time and every day began to feed him so that he would not die.

These people – Eldad and Loreta carried the animal to the car and drove her to the vet to examine it. The dog, which was given the nickname Princess, was very dirty and littered with fleas. She was promptly washed and cleaned.

But then the veterinarians realized that, in addition to the fact that the puppy was missing one leg, he also suffered from a severe form of anemia. The situation was terrible: Princess needed careful care and attention.

After a few weeks spent in the veterinary clinic and a long course of treatment, Princess quickly began to recover. She did not stop fighting for her life and survived!

Unfortunately, it is quite common to see abandoned dogs in such a terrible state as Princess was in. It is impossible to say with accuracy how the Chihuahua ended up on the street.

But one thing is for sure, people who treat animals so badly shouldn’t be allowed to have pets. Fortunately, there are caring people like Eldad and Loreta who do their best to help animals in need. They deserve great respect.

In any case, Princess is now in safe hands, and this is the most important thing. Let’s hope she finds a loving home very soon – she deserves it.

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