A dog who went missing a few months ago can’t stop crying when his owner finally finds him.

The dog had the most touching reunion with his beloved owner in Philippines.Coco has not been seen anywhere for more than three months.
Naturally,its owners were very worried,but the teenager Rustico Samson,Coco’s best friend,was sad the most.

With the help of family,friends,neighbors and even strangers,the boy was looking for a missing dog all over the city.And as soon as everyone thought that there was no hope of finding their favorite dog,someone noticed a puppy that fit Coco’s description and told Samson.

An hour later,the guy was already heading to this place with a madly pounding heart.Fortunately,it was really Coco.

The moment of their reunion was extremely touching.Tears of joy flowed from Coco’s eyes,who was so happy to see his beloved owner again.

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