A dog with a kind heart found three abandoned kittens in the dump,warmed and raised them!

The dog Naida wasn’t at home and spent most of her hime wandering through landfills in search of food.One day the dog found three small kittens.
The kittens were very hungry and Naida had milk.Having sniffed milk,the kittens simply pressed against Naida in search of warmth and food.
Together with the kids,the dog’s life made sense — she again had someone to go to a tedious search for food every day and someone to give her love.

The kittens were cute,but it was imperceptible under a layer of dirt.Naida constantly washed them,hoping that one of the passers-by would notice the white beauties and want to give them a house.
When the first frosts began,a miracle happened — Naida and her babies were taken from the street.Alexey couldn’t pass by a funny family and took them to his village.

Now Naida is guarding the yard,and the kittens are running after their mother,studying new things.

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