A dog with small puppies came to a stranger’s house.The man was confused.

This story proves that there are miracles in the world.One day a man saw someone else’s dog in his yard.The animal had a red tint.There were red puppies next to the dog.Only one kid was white,he reminded the man of his own dog nicknamed Midori.The man was very surprised.His dog was always tethered,so he could hardly become the father of these babies.

The owner of the house began to think:perhaps Midori was able to find a friend during rare walks.Otherwise,how to explain such similarities?
And the red guest sat down near the dog’s enclosure and wagged her tail.There was a feeling that they had known each other or a long time.The dog has already played to the fullest with the babies,he behaved as if he were really their father.

The man was overcome by doubts.To understand the situation,he decided to make an examination for paternity.The result of the study reassured the man.It turned out that Midori is not the father of puppies.
Neighbors decided to work together to find out where the red dog lives.It turned out that she lives under the old bridge with the puppies.

It was dirty,cold and damp there.The owner of Midori could not leave the puppies in such a situation,so he took everyone to him,including the mother of cubs.

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