A duckling hatched from an egg purchased by a woman in a Vietnamese restaurant became her best friend

Pets are chosen in a variety of ways. And not always simple. You also need to take into account the fact that they need daily care and constant satisfaction of their needs.

In addition, the pet may have a rebellious character, and despite all this, he still needs to be provided with affection and love.

But one Malaysian woman decided to take a chance – while surprising her friends and relatives. Erika Lim, 39, a creative manager from Kuala Lumpur, has a lively little duckling.

And it all started with the usual duck egg from a Vietnamese restaurant in Bucheong, where she was offered the Balut dish.

It is a snack from a developing bird embryo. Moreover, they eat this, boiled with shells!

Lim refused. She ran away from the restaurant. But then, when the emotions subsided, she decided to leave what was contained in the egg.

A duck hatched, as already mentioned.

But first, the egg with the embryo was placed in an impromptu incubator made of expanded polystyrene and several incandescent lamps.

And when the baby hatched the egg, Lim, according to the laws of imprinting adopted in the avian world, became his “mother”.

Now this fluffy yellow bird of not even feathers, but fluff, has become an object of love and friendship on the part of Lim.

The duck was first named Daisy but was later renamed Bibit. Bibit loves water (which is natural for a duckling) and often makes his way into the bath without permission, where she is always ready for it.

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