A faithful dog insists on staying by his mother’s side until the end

This faithful, gentle and broken-hearted dog insists on staying at his adoptive mother’s funeral until the very last moment.

María Isabel Benites Chamba died at the age of 95 in Ecuador. Her family and her closest friends were there to be with her at her funeral, but it was one participant in particular who insisted on doing much more for her loved one; it was her so-called Bumer, who refused to leave her mother until the end.

During the woman’s funeral, organized by the local funeral home Funeraria Santa Rosa , the faithful dog always stayed near the place where María’s body lay, as he did during his lifetime.

A spokesman for the funeral home said :

«You could see the loyalty and affection that existed between her and her dog. He was always there with his owner.

Faithful dog stays by his mother’s side until the end

As soon as the religious ceremony was over, the escorts continued on their way to the cemetery. The despondent Bumer also insisted on going all the way.

Although the dog was very heartbroken, his immense love for Maria gave him the strength to continue.

The staff of the funeral home tells :

«He walked around the hearse before getting on board as if to say: ‘I want to go say goodbye to my mother.’ A great example of loyalty. »

The woman was able to leave this world, but Bumer’s loyalty to her endures. Everyone he knows hopes that his broken heart will eventually heal, and fortunately, it is a process that the adorable puppy will not have to face alone.

According to the funeral home staff, Bumer was seen in the company of Maria’s family. They are united by her memory and the great love they felt for her.

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