A family adopted a very brave puppy!

A dog lived in the yard next to the high buildings,and the dog was fed by the locals.Since the pet was not sterilized,it soon brought offspring.And now five puppies have been running around the yard with their mother…

There was only one girl among the cute kids.She was the smallest among the brothers,but at the same time the bravest.And ordinary mongrel,who looked very funny,was liked by a kind family.
A girl living nearby watched the baby’s brothers hide in a hole that their mother dug,and this fearless baby sits next to her and barks at passers-by.That’s probably how she chased away uninvited guests.The puppy was not brave,which immediately caught the eye!

It was this baby that the girl and her family liked.It was decided to take the baby off the street,because people have long dreamed of a dog.That’s how the pet found a house!
The puppy was given the nickname Nan,and soon realized that the harm does not like other dogs.Considering herself the best girl in the world(and this is undoubtedly true),the baby barks on mongrels living on the street and pets who went for a walk.She just thinks she should be the main one in the whole district and doesn’t tolerate competition.

Nan likes to sleep on the couch,but she’s afraid of water.And for some reason,she absolutely doesn’t like soap bubbles.But otherwise it’s a very brave dog!The family adores the baby and pampers her as mush as possible.

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