A German police shepherd was able to track down a person with special needs missing in the winter forest and save him.

Residents of northern Michigan were worried when they saw a man go into the forest and never return.The situation was aggravated by the fact that the temperature dropped to -15 degrees and people worried that he would not even be able to stay there for one night.
They urgently contacted the police and search work began.

Local authorities said that they knew the personality of the tourist and the man’s peculiarities of intellectual development.As a result,they contacted the sheriffs of Roscommon County without wasting time,who immediately sent deputy Dakota Darsow and his partner,an official dog named Ghost,to the police.
The German shepherd,trained to find and rescue people,had a lot of experience.In the past,he was known for successfully finding missing persons.His professional police training,as well as his sharp sense of smell and hearing were of great benefit to the search and rescue team.In addition,it was a rescue operation at low temperatures,and the dog just loved snow and winter.

Ghost and his partner chased the missing for almost a kilometer through a dense dark forest.However,neither the harsh weather nor the dense canopy of the forest could prevent the dog on his way to performing his official duties.Finally,the couple found and took the missing out of the dark forest,in which the frost penetrated to the bone.
Fortunately,the witnesses immediately noticed the man and realized the importance of contacting the local authorities.

When asked what happened,the missing tourist said that he came to the city on a visit from Pennsylvania.He claimed that he went for a walk in the woods and got lost.When he was found,he was taken to the nearest hospital where he was treated for infection.
And for the brilliant operation,the dog received many additional treats.

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