A girl adopted puppies with a sad past…

About 4 years ago,a puppy named Strudel appeared in Olga Mayer’s family.The fate of the baby can be called tragic — they managed to kill him together with his brothers and sisters.The animals lived in the heating main when someone plugged the exit with a blanket and set it on fire.Strudel miraculously survived,the only one among the pets.

Olga took the pet to her house,but soon she became so attached to the baby that she decided not to return it back.That’s how Strudel found a house.
Immediately after the appearance of the puppy,the girl’s family took another pet into the house,the past of which also turned out to be very sad.In February,people found a box on the street,and crying puppies were sitting in it.Fortunately,good people didn’t let the babies die.

Dogs are friends with Olga’s cats,of which she has as many as five.
In this friendly family there is always a place for a disadvantaged pet.

Thanks to Olga for helping our smaller brothers!

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