A girl fed a street cat for 3 years…

A girl named Daria has always loved kittens and often fed them.One day,a small black kitten appeared nest to the office where she worked.She was so pathetic and thin that Daria decided to feed her if she came to visit her often.

Judging by the fact that the cat was very afraid of people and tried to hide somewhere when they appeared,she got a lot from a person.Such cautious behavior is a sign of fear and mistrust.Nevertheless,Daria liked the pet — she always willingly resorted to the girl for a treat and sometimes allowed herself be stroked.

This lasted three years until Daria needed to change her job.And just a week before her departure,the cat,as if feeling that she might no longer see her friend,began to behave restlessly and follow the girl..

Daria,who always considered the kitten wild,was surprised,and after consulting with her family she decided to adopt the animal.Now two cats live in the family — the same black street cat named Lucen and an older red cat named Suslik.
Although Lucen is still afraid of loud sounds,she is already happy to sit on people’s hands and loves to play with Suslik!

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