A girl with a doll appearance is already 9 years old: this is what she looks like today

Today, many parents are in an endless debate about the fact that beauty pageants should not be held for too young beauties.

Some insist that if their child has all the data, then why not send him to conquer all the world’s catwalks and fashion houses.

Today we are going to talk about a very young model, who started her activity a long time ago and is confidently moving towards the top of her dream.

Many, for sure, remember this wonderful girl with a doll-like appearance and a ton of makeup and make-up on her face, who knows all the secrets and secrets of modeling since childhood.

We remember Ira as an incredibly beautiful girl with blue eyes. She was called «Living Barbie».

However, her parents have been repeatedly condemned, they say, the girl does not need to be subjected to such stress, to do makeup every day, to do overly complicated hairstyles.

So, she became the idol of many, they even recognized her on the street and asked her for an autograph.

Today Ira is already 9 years old, her popularity has slowly declined. She maintains her page on social networks, she is always so beautiful and attractive, but the girl does not want to remember her past as a «doll», so there is not even a photo from that time on her pages..

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