A good story of friendship between kitten Abizou and puppy Dante from Romania

The unusual union of a dog and a kitten was noticed by their owners from Brasov. First, they decided to get a puppy. Soon Dante came home and turned out to be a cute pet. He really likes to cuddle and walk.

But the owners dreamed of having a cat as well. It was decided to go to a shelter, but all plans were destroyed by the news that a homeless kitten had settled in the yard.

At that moment, the family had just moved into a new house. The small, homeless kitten was adopted into the family. Although he was in poor condition and required care, the owners were able to give him affection and love.

But most of all, Dante was happy. The puppy played with Abizou as if nothing had happened. Together they hug, play and eat.

A visit to the veterinarian showed that the animal has good health, all the necessary vaccinations were given, and the pets immediately became attached to each other.

Surprisingly, Dante became a real copy of the kitten, trying to behave like him and even purr. Just look at this cute pair. They are a big portion of happiness.

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