A heroic herding dog battles 11 coyotes to save his flock of sheep

After more than a dozen coyotes attacked his flock of sheep, a 2-year-old Pyrenean breed livestock dog heroically defended them.

Casper came to the sheep’s aid when the wild beasts approached at night in early November. Casper and Daisy were watching the sheep when John Weirville heard coyotes outside their home in Decatur, Dekalb County, Georgia. Ewe Can Do It Naturally is owned by Westville. He rents flocks of sheep to clear brush from homes in a sustainable manner.

Westville woke up in the middle of the night to find his sheep stuck against a fence, with Daisy watching them. Casper was watching the coyote pack, and the coyotes were staring at him. Casper reacted quickly when the pack of coyotes approached.

“I could see the coyotes running through this area,” Weirville said, pointing to a portion of his yard. “When I got here, Casper ran away.”

Casper fought the coyotes for about half an hour and killed eight of them before disappearing while chasing the others. Surprisingly, no sheep were injured. Casper, however, was not so lucky.

Westville, his family, and neighbors searched for the dog and discovered pieces of his tail and a bloody trail, but no Casper. They expected the worst. Casper returned unexpectedly two days later, and Weirville discovered him curled up in the chicken coop.

“He looked like death, I mean horribly,” Weirville noted. “When he got home, he just looked at me like, ‘boss, stop looking at how horrible I look, just take care of me.’”

The dog was transferred to the Lifeline Animal Project, where he has resided for the past month. He was in the such horrible condition that the vets weren’t sure he would live, but he survived numerous surgeries and his wounds are now healed and on the mend.

The veterinary facility is volunteering its services, and it will take many months for Casper to make a full recovery. Westville, on the other hand, is thrilled with Casper’s improvement. Casper recently visited Westville.

“I can’t express how happy I am to see him,” he added as he hugged Casper. He didn’t think Casper would live when he first saw his injuries, but now he believes Casper will be back with him soon.

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