A hidden camera caught a wolf mother pressing her fussy baby to fall asleep again.

When Trumpet,a Mexican gray wolf,gave birth to her first litter,no one knew what kind of mother she would become.

Trumpet was born at the Wolves Conservation Center in New York as part of the plan to restore endangered Mexican gray wolves,or Lobo.But that wasn’t the only reason why the wolf was special.
«She was an only child which is strange for a wolf,» said Maggie Howell,executive director of the Wolf Conservation Center.There are usually 4 to 6 cubs in a litter,so this story was out of the ordinary.

Trumpet did not have the opportunity to watch her mother raise subsequent litters and learn from her example how to be a mother herself.Fortunately,this did not detain independent Trumpet from starting his own family.
In 2018,when Trumpet was 2 years old,she was introduced to a wild Mexican gray wolf from New Mexico named Lighthawk,and they immediately got along.The breeding season is approaching which comes every April and May,and Trumpet became pregnant.

She gave birth to three wolves and showed herself to be a loving,caring mother.The webcam installed in her lair filmed how the wolf is extremely attentive to her cubs — feeds them and cleans.
She seemed to have endless patience,hugging her cubs tightly and lulling them when they didn’t want to sleep and were naughty.

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