A homeless dog cried in pain,thinking that one of her puppies had been stolen.

This poor dog gave birth right on the street alone and helplessly.Stephanie’s girlfriend noticed her when she was crossing the street,holding one of her puppies in her mouth.The poor dog apparently wanted someone to help her,but didn’t know how to do it.

Stephanie quickly called the rescuers and explained the situation to them.The staff went to the place where the mother dog was hiding.It was near the girl’s house.They found a stray dog and her puppies under a bush by the wall.She wrapped around newborn puppies,turning her back on the rescuers.
The mother-dog was scared and didn’t seem to trust people who really wanted to help her.She growled every time someone tried to come up.A caring mother was ready to do anything to protect her babies.

Soon they managed to catch the dog and they went to the local vet and left the dog with her 6 puppies there.It was a safe,clean place where they were under the protection and care of kind people.
The mother-dog stopped showing aggressiveness as soon as the rescuers gave her a warm and comfortable blanket on which she could sleep with her puppies.
From that moment on,her attitude changed,as she realized that these people only wanted to help her.She became calm and friendly.But at night,the young mother was not silent,something bothered her.

The next morning,Stephanie called the rescuers to inform them that she had given one of the puppies to her neighbor.The unfortunate puppy cried all the time when she was separated from her family.They realized that they had made a mistake and the puppy was returned.
Now the whole family was together.They will stay in the shelter for 8 weeks,after which they will be ready for adoption.

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