A homeless dog was cut for the first time in her life,and it changed beyond recognition.

This dog’s name is Ellen,animal protection activists found it on the streets of Chicago.Then people just passed by her,taking her for a shapeless pile of garbage…At first,it was even difficult to determine whether it was a male or a female.But when a kilogram of wool was cut with Ellen,she turned into a real beauty.

Hungry and homeless,Ellen wandered around Chicago until the summer of 2014.
Her saviors from the Trio Animal Foundation described her as a «lance of urine-soaked wool.»

Groomer Kelly agreed to come to work early to take on this difficult task.The dog weighed a little more than 4 kg,1 kg of which was entirely wool.The haircut took almost three hours.It was during the haircut that Ellen got her name.

After the haircut,Ellen was bathed,given a bed and toys and provided the necessary medical care.Animal rights activists were shocked by how many people wanted to give Ellen a new home.
Ellen is a cute little girl and a bright personality:she will be grateful all her life to the group of angels who saved her.

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