A homeless man feeds street cats every day,despite the fact that he sometimes starves himself…

Today’s article is dedicated to a man who takes care of stray cat every day,buying food for them,although he often starves himself.After reading this story,be sure to share it with your acquaintances and friends.Perhaps this will serve as an impetus for many to do good deeds.

Long Doom is a homeless man living in Thailand.He lives at the station.His whole life is full of trials,but this does not prevent him from taking care of stray cats.
Cats need food that costs money.And to make money,he sells limes on the streets of the city every day.Sometimes he can allow himself to buy food not only for cats but also for himself.But first of all,he always thinks about animals,as they replaced his family.Therefore,they should not be left without food.

One day,a woman passing by this man she took a picture of him on her camera while he was selling limes and placed it on social media.At that moment,the man had a sign in his hands with the inscription that a bag of fruit costs 20 baht,which would go to feed cats.
Many social media users,after seeing the photo,could not stand aside.Someone bought all the limes from a man at once,and someone brought food for cats.

After this story,many posts appeared on the Internet that people should not be judged by their appearance.
An example was Long Doom,who,despite his social situation,has a kind heart.
The story of Long Doom has become know to many people,inspiring many of them to do good deeds towards all those in need.And it doesn’t matter if it’s human or an animal.

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