A homeless man was seen in the park who organized a holiday for his dogs.

In one of the parks in Colombia, a passerby filmed a homeless man who organized a birthday party for his dogs.The video spread online,and brought this man and his dogs popularity.

He fed them a small cake,and before that he lit a candle and sang the song «Happy Birthday».It looked very touching…
Then the passerby approached the man and decided to ask him — it turned out that his name is Choco.

Choco lives on the street,and not so log ago picked up two street dogs who became his faithful companions.One of the dogs had a birthday that day,and Choco decided to organize a small holiday.

The fame of the man and his dogs began to grow — people from different parts of Colombia came to the park to get acquainted with Choco,give him gifts,money etc.
Later,Choco began to maintain accounts in social networks,where at the moment he has already gained more than 180,000 subscribers.

It all started with a small video,and now Choco and his dogs live in a way they could never imagine.We wish Choco to further develop his blog and promote love for animals!

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