A hungry and hammered dog living at the gas station in a month turned into a beautiful and happy animal.

The island of Bali is famous not only for its beautiful nature and excellent beaches but also for a huge number of stray dogs.Aaron met one of them,who always loved animals and could never pass by them indifferently.The dog was very weak and scared,sick, thirsty and hungry.In addition,the animal was in danger,as there were constantly cars that could easily hit it.

The young man saw that the dog was injured,and he also had skin diseases,so he was almost bald,looking closer you could see that his skin was all in ulcers.
Aaron asked for help from the store workers.They drove the animal away from the most dangerous place so that it would not fall under the wheels.Then he tried to lure with food,and even then the dog was afraid,but the hunger was stronger and she still came to eat.

It was impossible to catch the dog on his own and he turned to the staff of the local shelter,who caught him and took him to the vet,where he was provided with early medical care.
It turned out that the animal had cancer and was prescribed a course of chemotherapy.He was given the name Homer and tried to get closer to him in every possible way.At first Aaron was just sitting by the cage so that the dog would get used to him.

Soon Homer got used to his savior and even allowed himself to be stroked than even player wagged his tail and a month later,the dog was simply unrecognizable.He gained weight and became a real handsome dog.The dog managed to overcome cancer and overgrown with white wool.And Nungki’s boyfriend’s friend sheltered him and became a caring loving mistress for the dog.

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