A kind puppy pulled his new blanket outside to share it with a froze stray dog…

Rescued from the streets of Brazil at a very young age with her brothers and sisters,the dog named Lana was soon admitted to the loving home of Suelen Schaumloffel.

Despite the fact tat she has a warm,safe and cozy house,Lana hasn’t forgotten how those puppies live who,unfortunately,are deprived of these benefits.

One cold winter day,Schaumloffel bought Lana a warm blanket to warm up in the dog kennel standing in front of the house.It was only the next morning that she realized what a wonderful act of kindness Lana had committed.She sacrificed her own comfort for a homeless puppy on the other side of the fence.

Lana pulled he blanket outside to share it with a stray dog on a cold winter evening.Ans he didn’t seem to run away from Lana.The mistress never creases to be surprised and admired by the kind and generous character of her pet,who will always share and help those who need it and that her behavior makes you remember many forgotten values.
«She is the cutest little dog I’ve ever met.Sometimes we forget that we can change someone’s life.She reminded me of it.»

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