A kind woman sheltered two dogs with special features.

Any animal deserves love and care,even if it is different from others.Dogs nicknamed Picasso and Hugh are different from the others.Despite this,there was a woman who gave them love,care and warmth.

American Lizle Wilhardt is fifty-three years old.For years Lizle has been saving animals that need help and their home.So the woman sheltered two special dogs — Picasso and Hugh.She took them at different times,but the animals quickly found a common language and became friends.They live perfectly without conflicts and other nuances.

The woman sheltered Picasso in 2017,and Hugh appeared in her house in 2021.Picasso is five years old.The dog was born with a curvature of his face.Hugh’s age is one year.This puppy was injured y his mother,now he doesn’t have part of his upper jaw.Both dogs live happily now.Their behavior is no different from how other animals behave without such problems.Of course,they need special care and increased attention,but Lizle copes.

«Hugh and Picasso are very good-natured and friendly to people.In public,they are very sociable,constantly require attention and welcome passers-by.I got attached to them with all my heart and love them sincerely,with all my heart,»says Lizle.
Lizle has saved many animals over the years.Now there are cats,dogs and even piglets in her shelter.In addition to two special dogs,there are 8 cats in Liz’ house.

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