A kitten cried between the trash cans,not yet knowing that happiness is near.

A little frightened kitten cried on the parking lot next to the kindergarten…

A girl named Katie Bluin from Quebec,Canada,still remembers that rainy day.That’s when she found out about a kitten in need of salvation.She went outside and started looking for a baby.Soon she found a kitten sitting between garbage containers in the kindergarten parking lot.It was a thin and wet kitten which was abandoned by its owner…

When the girl approached the kitten,she immediately tried to escape and hide elsewhere.Kate managed to grab her before the baby ran outside.
Then Katie decided that she would take her home and make her part of her family.The girl’s children named it Whippet.
The baby was bathed,fed and drunk.The baby clearly liked her new family,and that evening she fell asleep on Katie’s shoulder.

There is another cat in the family,whose name is Oreo.From the first minutes of acquaintance,pets became inseparable.
It turned out into a small shadow of Oreo,which does not depart a single step away from him.
So suddenly abandoned by someone,the kitten found a warm home and became happy!

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