A kitten in the arms of a stranger on the subway as an excuse to return faith in humanity

”Our planet is not well equipped for fun,” said one of the classics.

That is, the world is not as bright and rosy as we would like.

In this regard, the attention of many was drawn to the event that happened to New Yorker Jillian Rogers.

A man carefully wrapping a small gray kitten in a bright blanket and feeding it from a bottle with a pacifier is not a common sight in the metro of a big city, and even on a gloomy, chilly evening, is it? And the kitten was very, very hungry.

Gillian watched this spectacle and could not resist: she came up and spoke. And she heard an ingenious explanation: “I was walking home from work, I heard that in the alley between the houses someone was crying pitifully.

It came up, looked, saw a little cat trembling with cold and fear. I decided that it would be necessary to somehow warm the kitty and feed … here, I feed and warm.”

She was the founder of an animal shelter and perfectly understood the motives of the man. But the train had already approached the station she needed and it was necessary to leave the carriage.

And she never recognized the names of her fellow travelers: a big man with a big heart and a small gray kitten.

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