A kitten whose paws were paralyzed feels them again,despite everything!

Oats — that’s what the tiny kitten was called,who got into an orphanage with an injured back.
When the baby appeared in the shelter,volunteers went to the Nova Cat Clinic,as they had a program to rescue orphaned kittens who were in a critical situation.

The kitten’s expressive eyes immediately conquered all the employees of the clinic.He looked at people,feeling that they wanted to help him.
Despite its problem,the kitten is very affectionate and playful.He enjoys the slightest opportunity to communicate with other people and gets along well with other residents of the shelter.So that he wouldn’t get bored,he was «introducted» to another kitten,and now the baby has a best friend.

Doctors say tha this gray lump amazes with its love of live and optimism.Veterinarians very much hope that one day the baby will stand on his hind legs and be able to walk like any healthy cat.
We sincerely wish the baby a full recovery and a meeting with the owners who want to «adopt» this nice kitten and give him love!

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