A kitten with special needs squeaked loudly and was looking for his mother.

Recently,a resident of Southern California saw two tiny kittens near the house.The kids were all alone,and their mother never came back for them for a long time.One of the kittens had special needs — he had severely deformed front legs.

The woman contacted the Wrenn Rescues center,and they immediately responded to the request for help.The kittens were very hungry and frozen — apparently,their mother abandoned them and could no longer take care of them.Volunteers took care of the kittens,fed them,and handed them over for overexposure.
The babies were still weak,and they were placed in a special incubator to regulate body temperature.The guardian took care of them every hour,fed them from the pipette and protected them — she paid special attention to the baby with deformed paws,who received the nickname Waffle.

Despite the peculiarities of development,Waffle was actively gaining weight,interested in everything around,playing and hugging his brother,supporting him.They became very close during the time together,and did not depart from each other.They constantly spent time next to them.
Waffle has easily learned to walk,run,play — he uses three strong legs,which he relies on when walking.He began to keep his balance calmly,and began to move much more confidently.The guardian also gave him message and special gymnastics.

When the kittens grew up,they began to look for owners for them.The guardian really wanted to give them together — and fortunately,she didn’t have to wait long.Soon they were taken away by a kind woman with whom they live now.Be happy,kids!

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