A kitty from the shelter jumped into the guy’s arms and asked to take her home with him.

Animals feel kindness and on this basis understand whether a person will become their friend or not..The person in this picture emits goor energy,which is why the kitten Luna liked him so much.

Barely noticing the man,Luna look at him carefully and did not take her eyes off anymore.The man seemed to feel the attention from the cat and took it in his arms.Sitting comfortably in a man’s arms,the kitty put her paw on his hand,as if asking that this man would never throw it.At first sight,a man and a cat developed an amazing mutual understanding.

On that day,Luna found its owner.The guy is convinced that he got the most gentile and loving kitten in the world.
The veterinarian found small health problems with Luna,but the doctors solved the problem very quickly and now the animal can live a full life.

Most of all,Luna likes to be with her owner.In this example,we were once again convinced that it is not a person who chooses an animal,but thay decide to whom they are ready to give their love.

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