A lion walked quietly in the park.People panicked,but in vain,because it was not wild beast,but a cute dog!

Can you imagine what was the surprise of the residents of Molina de Sigura in Spain when they noticed a lion wandering quietly down the street?
The wild beast walked around the park and,of course,people sounded the alarm.But then it became clear that people were very wrong.The animal turned out to be not lion at all,by the way,he was very friendly to strangers!

The dog was so tonsured that he looked a lot like a lion.Oh,and he scared the locals!
The news was published on social networks and it very quickly became popular,gaining thousands of likes on Twitter.

Many people believe that the owner,having made his pet such a haircut,put him in danger,because someone,frightened,can shoot the animal!
We also believe that such a handsome pet should not be allowed to go for self-walking…

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