A little black dog was left in a cardboard box with an attached note in a school

This is a story about how a young man did not cope with the responsibility assumed. And he got rid of a living problem by throwing it into school.

It happened in the USA. Eyewitnesses said that the boy ran into the school with a cardboard box in his hands and immediately ran out, leaving it in the corridor with a note inside: “The puppy is homeless. It’s cold outside, so please help him find his home. Thanks in advance.”

The school janitor who discovered all this was at a loss: the dog did not look like a street dog at all, it was well-groomed and clean. He ended up passing it on to one of the school’s teachers, who had a reputation for being a friend of animals.

The woman took the puppy for overexposure, gladly looked after him and gave the name Snowflake.

As a result, the dog (it turned out to be a girl) was given into the hands of reliable and kind people, and the new owners surrounded Snowflake with care and love.

Taking care of animals is a big responsibility. We should realize it before adopting one.

Thankfully, the boy didn’t just leave the animal in the hands of fate.

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