A little cat desperately clung to some trash that was drifting in the canal.

That day, a woman was walking with her child, when suddenly a plaintive squeak came from somewhere. She looked around but saw no animal. Then she began to follow the sound that led her to the edge of the ditch.

There, fighting for life, a tiny kitten was floundering, clinging to the floating debris with the last of its strength. But, despite all his efforts, he could not get out of the trap in which he found himself.

Seeing the unfortunate animal, the woman called the local branch of the Society for the Protection of Animals as soon as possible.

The hastily arrived employee hurried to help the poor kitten, and with the joint efforts of the rescuer and the young mother, they were able to pull the poor fellow out of the water.

After the rescue, the baby was taken to a veterinary clinic, where he was examined by a doctor. After examination, it turned out that the kitten was very cold and completely exhausted in an attempt to escape.

On top of that, he was apparently starving, because he weighed only 200 grams.

Soon he began to put on weight.

It turned out that the kitten was a girl. And the family that saved him agreed to take her to them. She was given the name Jessie.

But as a result of hypothermia, Jessie lost her voice and now she cannot express her emotions with the help of meowing. But this does not prevent her from enjoying life in the new house with a circle of people who love her.

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